about us

As you may noticed, we have changed a few things including the name! We wanted to bring something new to the local food scene without letting go of our beloved Nepali fare that you all have come to enjoy.
Now, we are “IRRAWADDY” pronounced [ ir-uh-wod-ee, –waw-dee ] To those of you who do not know, it is the most important river in Myanmar, formerly Burma, that provides food and livelihood to millions of people.

Irrawaddy is powered by the same team that served you Nepali and Indian food in the past. What’s new is that, now, we have a full Burmese menu! Please try it out and experience a small part of the Burmese culture through your taste buds.
For this month, it’s going to be a soft opening and will be only doing dinner take out. So, pick up your phone and dial 802-876-7208 for your dinner. We like it when you call. It gives us an opportunity to connect with you directly.
We, eventually, plan to open up dine-in by January 2022.
Hours of operation for this month: Tuesdays – Saturday 4pm- 8:30pm.
For our customers who cannot come to pick up their meal, UberEats and DoorDash handle our deliveries.

We will offer you the best flavors of the high mountains of Nepal and lush forests of Myanmar besides the delightful culinary experiences inspired by neighboring countries.

Our pledge now to our guests and patrons is that

  • Saticfied Customers